Winter Wedding Shower Inspiration

We’re throwing a bridal shower this weekend to toast a bride set to tie the knot in Whistler, B.C. this February. Take a look at our inspiration board, and we’ll circle  back with event photos this weekend!

Some ideas we’ve kicked around: hearty bread bowls, churros and chocolate, cabbage centerpieces, warm cocktails and personalized glove favors.



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Literary Living: Libraries We Love <3

When I think of a picturesque scene (apart from the rolling hills of Spain), I imagine a charming library. It’s a romantic notion, really, the thought of curling up in a chair, cuddled up with your favorite throw and hardback, surrounded by your beloved titles.

With the Internet age upon us, it seems like a lost art.

I love the idea of creating a library space in a home, giving you the opportunity to disconnect from the fast-paced world, breath and connect with yourself.

Sigh.  Ah, much needed peace.

Here are some dreamy spaces beckoning you…

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Monday Must-Have: Blush Bangles!

Just had to share this delicious set of blush bangles–the perfect accessories for your winter white frock. And, they’re only $16.99. Now what could beat that?

Holiday Cooking Must-Haves

Getting ready to entertain for the holidays? Here are some ESSENTIAL tools and gadgets to make slaving in the kitchen easy as pie.

1. Avocado-Green and Purple Grid Potholder, $7.95, from Sur La Table.

Set these under your hot baking dishes, and voila! bakeware –> serveware. We love the idea of bake to table. Less fuss and less mess!

2. Natural Parchment Paper, $3.99, from Chefs.

Trace the bottom of  your cake pans, cut out and place paper at the bottom of your vessels. You’ll never have a problem turning cakes out again. Also–forget Pam and line your cookie sheets with Parchment for stick-free, perfect cookies every time minus the chemicals.

3. Kuhn Rikon Green Silicone Balloon Whisk (8″ and 10″), $15.95-$19.95, from Sur La Table.

Whether you’re whipping up a roux or stirring a gravy, if you’re using a nonstick pan, it’s better to opt for a silicone-coated whisk in place of metal.

4. 12″ L Potato Masher, $9.99, from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Mashed potatoes, duh!

5. Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer in Green Apple, $349.99, from Lord + Taylor.

It does everything. A must for holiday baking, and whipping up fresh cream to top your delicacies!

6. Zwilling J.A. Henckles 7-Piece Knife Block Set, $249.99, from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Good, sharp knives are perhaps the most important item on this list. If we know anything for certain, it’s that the holidays mandate a lot of slicing and dicing.

7. Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven in Red, $145-$490, from Williams-Sonoma.

If your family is anything like ours, there are several mouths to feed. And we all have healthy appetites. We’re a big “seconds” family. A dutch oven feeds a crowd–and caramelizes food beautifully, rendering those good bits on the bottom of the pan that yield award-winning flavor.

8. Sur La Table Silpat Baking Mat, $19.95, from Sur La Table.

Again, a must for holiday baking.

9. Chef’n FreshForce 2-in-1 Pastry Brush, $9.95,  from Sur La Table.

For glazing a roast, buttering warm rolls, icing cinnamon rolls…

10. Polder Deluxe Preset Meat Thermometer, $29.99, from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Overdone meat is a no-no. This thermometer plugs into your meat and sits on the counter. No extra work, but worth it for just right, juicy results.

11. Le Creuset White 7-Piece Tools Set, $69.95, from Sur La Table.

Spatulas of all sizes and shapes are so helpful. Great for draining, scooping, scraping and…licking.

12. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, $7.99, EVERYWHERE.

With so much traffic in your kitchen, germs are a plenty. Keep things safe and clean with these easy, disposable wipes. Also, store a package in each bathroom to help with last-minute cleanup before a party. 

Deck your halls in STYLE

‘Tis the season. Time to spin into full-blown Christmas preparations and spruce up your place for the holidays! Here are some tips and products I pulled together, featured in this year’s Southern Living special issue Christmas at Home, on newsstand now. From the succulent planter to decorative throw pillows, get ready to deck your halls in style. Cheers and happy decorating!






Credit: Southern Living

From harvest to our table: centerpiece side dish

Remember our brussels sprouts centerpiece for Thanksgiving? We’re making good on our promise and transforming it into a delicious seasonal side dish. We know that BS aren’t a favorite vegetable for many–we understand. Who wants to eat boiled cabbage? When done right, however, they are hearty, caramelized bits of heaven. Yum.

And they’re SO good for you.


Simply cut each floret off the stalk, or you can buy them already de-stalked.


Pull off outer leaves (they may be discolored) and trim white stalks.


Blanch in salted water (2-3 mins).


Halve each sprout and saute in 1 tbsp. extra virgen olive oil and 1 tbsp. butter (NOT MARGARINE) until golden.

Seasoning salt and pepper to taste.

Buen provecho.

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Sparkle for the holidays

This holiday season get in the festive spirit and spruce up your wardrobe!  Be glamorous in gold, gorgeous in green or ravishing in red. And, don’t forget to glitz up your little black dress for New Years!

(click on each link to purchase via

From harvest to our table

Our hope is that you can take these tips from our Thanksgiving tablescape and apply them to your own festive holiday decor. Happy decorating!

Also, the centerpiece that keeps on giving. Stay tuned for follow-up posts that show how we turned our Thanksgiving table elements  into delicious side dishes.

Piece by Piece: pulling together a last-minute holiday table

Between getting up early at 6 a.m. to prep the bird and baking an array of  Autumnal pies, you forgot about your tablescape. Don’t panic! You don’t have to make an elaborate trip to the craft store to dress a beautiful table. Instead, use fruits and vegetables to create a scene that is elegant, rustic and festive–it is, after all, Thanksgiving, a celebration of the harvest.


C & V

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Baby’s breath bliss

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