Check out the stack of books, top row center.

If their colors give any indication as to their age (publishing date), these burnt orange hardbacks most likely stocked shelves at the local bookstore (yes, bookstores did exist in flesh, or brick that is, long before eReaders, Kindles and Nooks opened their virtual shopping spaces) in the 70s—perfect complements to the avocado shag.

These retro reads are a select few of an extensive collection that belonged to my grandfather. Their bold colors have breathed life into monotonous bookcases in our family room and warmed up the cold mantle above our fireplace. Cheaper by the Dozen and Spanish in a Nutshell are just two of the curious titles among them.

What boring lives books must lead. They’re read once, twice or maybe even a half time. They then live out the rest of their pre-Goodwill days standing stiff on-end.

Let your literature live a little.

Antique fanatics set out in search of shabby chic hutches, distressed leather chairs or Victorian silver teasets.

Pick up some books! I mean, they are practically antiques in this day and age.

Vintage books make for interesting, eclectic design elements. Try mixing up your tablescape with something old and unique but sophisticated and chic nonetheless. They are recyclable, inexpensive and  can serve to create varying height features, identify party table numbers, or make the perfect platform for candles and flower arrangements.

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